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Challenge: Pandemic Parenting

Why is it so hard to be a parent in a pandemic? Bullies and Harassments of Kids.

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How to stay in focus, alert when we live something out of everyday life as we had before.

Bullies put you away from focus

As a parent, I think that as many other parents and I are entering in some pattern that will cause us some psychic problems as anxiety, depression god forbid.

Having a child is almost teenage in 12 years who is watching you and is in a very fragile living time. I must mention the people we lost in the town we are living, close ones who get sick day in a day in this pandemic, is not an image that my son will have to look at and face.

This is making life even harder for a teenager at that age.

Everybody, it seems, is having and facing aggression day by day repeatedly, and you take care first for yourself to not fall into some trap and then you teach your kid how to act in school.

Bullying is something my kid face, and I put in myself to raise my voice at my kid even he was not to blame.

Today kids are getting more aggressive and more vicious than before.

So how to overcome this period and protect our kids from bullies and bad "kids".

Your kid is your face in the mirror.

He will maybe not copy all you do and perhaps what you think, but in the general frame, he will assume how my father would act if he were of his place.

Look, I don't want to judge anyone, but we all had a different childhood.

Here are some simple rules to follow:

  • Start firstly to talk about your past when you were at your kid's age and how some situation you solved and what good advice you will recommend to him.
  • Ask your kid what he would do differently in the past, where he was the target of some harassment from his classmates or other kids.
  • What is the nature of bullying- they make fun of your weight. You are funny about finding the problem and how you can define it and turn it to your advantage.
  • It would be best if you held some short lessons about morals and bullying and how bad is that.

If it is physical nature and there is a threat to his body integrity, I highly suggest taking your kid to train judo, karate or other martial art where he will learn to defend himself.

In my case with my son, he started boxing his so-called "school friends".

Last and most important is to not hold your kid when he wants to tell you. Contrary, please remind him what he wants to talk about in some situations from time to time.

I think these simple rules will be very effective in how your kid will not face and prevail the pandemic in a psychic moment but how to prevent being the target to bullies.

I hope people will accept some of this advice, and my writings were subjective, but My son was put in this position that I share and the experience of how to help him and solve it together.

Better health means longer life.

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