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Challenge: Kids with Special Needs

The Issue of Taking care about Disabled Kids

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One of the greatest life challenges is to deal with the disabled children. It has been always difficult for me to see such children in the street. I always feel great pain and pity for them because these children are innocent and don’t deserve such faith. I think that this is unfair, but this cannot be fixed. Nevertheless, one can do a lot to help such children.

Personally, I have great experience in taking care of disabled kids. I have two sons and the younger one is sick with autism. So, I know what I’m talking about. In addition, I am a member of a special community organized by parents whose kids also have some physical or mental deviations. Therefore, I have a rich experience concerning various matters and I would like to share my opinion on how to highlight the main problems that may occur with disadvantaged kids properly.

One of the most common problems in such cases is feeding. There may be different reasons why this process becomes complicated. A child may have some problems with swallowing, chewing, sucking and something of the kind. Additionally, a child may have a low mobility. What to do on such occasions? Firstly, you will need a great patience. You ought to realize that such child needs more time for being able to feed him- or herself. You should be very attentive. The support group PINNT (Patients on Intravenous and Naso-gastric and Nutrition Therapy) recommends giving a great heed to the process of nutrition so that you could understand the problems. In such way, you will be able to cope with them. I’m doing that all time long and I’m utterly attentive with my son when he eats in order to avoid any accidents.

The sleep issue is the next common problem. In the occasion, a child has a bad sleep it will negatively affect the whole family. I know that pretty well, just like my husband and my elder son do. One of the negative sides of the autism is that children get tired very quickly due to their mental vulnerability. When they don’t get enough of sleep the symptoms get worse. They get more aggressive, don’t wish to contact at all and get tired very quickly. The National Autistic Society recommends different methodologies on this issue. I advise viewing their methods. Each case is individual so you should pick up the one that would suit your needs. As for me, I use calm and kind whispering to calm down my son. Simultaneously, I turn on the soft music on the background of my whispers. It should never be loud.

Another huge challenge for me and I can bet, other parents whose children have autism is behavior. The behavioral deviations are obviously the hugest problem associated with this ailment. Children are self-involved, they are afraid of communication or simply don’t care about the surrounding people. Oftentimes, my son could not recognize me and other family members. It could a long time to make him communicate with us. In other cases, he simply lived I his own shell and didn’t want to come out. Here again, you will need a great patience. You will have to be strong and find the understanding. Nevertheless, a soft approach and patient communication bring huge dividends. Today, I have no problems with the communication with my son. He remembers well all of our family and some of the neighbors who frequently visit us. It is of great importance to give heed to the likings and disliking or such children. In such way, your child will eagerly contact with the rest of society and other people will accept him or her. Right now, I don’t worry about communication or lack of understanding of my son with other people.

Autism is a complex and incurable ailment. Notwithstanding, this is not the death diagnose. People live with and successfully cope with it. Show such people your love, sympathy, and kindness. Make them feel that they are not alone in this life and they will become happier!

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